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IHC CTF 2018

Because capture the flag is a serious business.

bug free software certification

The powerful s.a.f.e. clusters can guarantee the bug free software certification using the most advanced algorithms and technologies.

Network and
Data Center Security

Protect high-value data and data center resources with threat defense, highly secure virtualization, segmentation, and policy control.

Access and
Policy Management

Control access and segment traffic, and manage consistent policies based on advanced visibility and context across the extended network.

We provide the most proven solutions

S.A.F.E. is one of the most trusted sources for solving complex IT problems.
We provide an unparalleled depth of knowledge and insight into the intelligence community for our customers and vendor partners.

  • Confidentiality.

    We provide technologies for encryption and secure management.

  • Custom Solutions

    Technical solutions built to address any specific necessity.

  • Technology Research

    Identifying and evaluating the best technologies for our customers.

  • Support Services

    Always here for you when you need our help.

Our Team

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We strive to be highly responsive to our customers, and proactive in anticipating
their needs and finding the best solutions in a time-sensitive manner.